J Do Sound

Electronic Music Producer & Sound Designer
New York City - Boston - Korea

Featured Projects

Music editing

for Dance Performance

Ranked 1st of the dance competition
Elements 2019

Music Editing & Sound Design

for Dance Performance
(Please watch on Youtube)

Ranked 3rd of the dance competition 
Elements 2018

Music Selection

2018 Berklee EPD Album

Best songs among 2017 of electronic production & design department, Berklee the college of music

J's Sound Design and Music



- Alumni of Berklee, the college of music
  Electronic Production & Design Major
- EDI Instructor at SJA Music Institute
  (Seoul, South Korea)

Specialized with 
-  Sound Design for Post Production 
-  Sound Design with DSP, Recording,
   VSTi, Hardware, and Foley 
-  Mixing & Mastering in Studio
   & Digital Environment

-  Electronic Music Composition 


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